Monthly Archives: November 2017

Adventures & Reflections

Ok, so Thanksgiving turned out to be pretty easy this year! There was a lot going on with the family in terms of planning, preparing food, and batteling some illness. But, we managed to get to all the respective places and spend time with everyone. Ideally, you would have unlimited time with everyone, but that’s …

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Boy Scout Trail Hike on Petit Jean

So, I’m starting a new section of the site and it’s going to be for trail reviews. I’m planning to review trails I’ve hiked and include some helpful info & photos to showcase what can be expected. For today’s blog post I want to talk about my experience while hiking the B.S.A. Trail on Petit …

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Klymit Campsaver V Sleeping Pad

If you’re into camping, backpacking, or hiking then there is a pretty good chance that you think about a sleep system. One of those components is probably going to be some sort of sleep pad. While there are lots of options out there in the marketplace I tend to group them into two types: inflatable …

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