Weber Kettle Grill

Ok, so this isn’t a straight forward review. There are enough other write-ups and technical readings on the interwebs. You can easily find out what the specs of this thing are. Here’s the short list of things that matter to me:

  • Easy to move around an outdoor area
  • Good amount of cooking space
  • Easy to control heat temperature
  • Wide variety of applications

That’s all pretty straight forward, but it’s really what matters most to me. Just about everything you see grilled, smoked, etc. is done on the Weber Kettle grill. When we travel we’re at the mercy of whatever is on-site, but at home it’s this thing:

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The Weber Kettle grill.

There isn’t really anything special about it, other than how¬†good it is at so may things. All of that assumes that you like to use charcoal. It’s a big bowl of metal made to hold charcoal and cook stuff! On top of that you can easily get some grates that will let you add charcoal or woodchips so you an cook things a lower temperatures for a long time. The Weber Kettle is just a great all-around grill.

There is one downside, aside from dealing with charcoal ash which is just part of life in general, and that’s the fact that it can be limited in it’s cooking surface for some meals. As our boys get older and we have to grill a few more Chicken Wings each time it’s starting to get a little crowded on the Weber Kettle. Now hot dogs are a breeze! Steaks for Hope & I are no problem! A few pork tenderloins for a family dinner are a breeze as well. But it’s starting to get a little challenging with the wings…

Never tell me the odds! #wps #grilling #burgers

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