It’s cold outside…

Winter is setting in here in Arkansas. Granted, hitting 32 degrees is nothing compared to folks further up north, but it’s a chill for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about layering and trying to plan a¬†good hike just to get outside again. I’ve put the first trail review out, you can read the BSA Trail here, and I’m going to publish another one next week. This writing process was a lot of fun, but it really challenged me to think about how to produce good content. I feel like I’ve got a decent enough workflow on the trail to capture both video and photos. However, when I get back and start writing I think about so many things that I wish I’d captured.

Right now is early in the whole production process and I know that the more I work on these projects the better I’ll get. Like all things creative it’s a process that I’ve got to get through. I’m happy with the mix of the iPhone, point & shoot, and GoPro for capturing everything, but I’m struggling with translating that to a page and/or post. I’m going to wait until I have a dozen or so reviews posted before I make a decision, but I’m starting to think that there needs to be some video component to all of this.

I don’t know that I have time to try to launch a YouTube channel, but it would seem to fit with all the review stuff. I mean there are tons of great reviews on YouTube and there are some aspects of reviews that work better for video. With the colder weather setting in it really changes the gear that I need to be able to hike and camp. I’d love to tackle the BSA Trail or even take on a couple of laps at 7 Hollows Trail combined with an overnight, but I don’t know. I think it’s a fun place to be with a website. I want to produce more content and I need to get out there in the weather to produce that content.

I come back to how weird the post-production is right now and I think it’s a good time to tackle a couple of challenges. So I’m going to set a goal for next week to come up with some sort of outdoor activity, be it a hike or an overnight camp out. Time to dial in some winter weather adventures!

Let the rough end drag!