7 Hollows Trail Review

We’re going to be reviewing the 7 Hollows Trail located on Petit Jean Mountain. If you’d like more information about the “How’s & Why’s” of my reviews check out the Hiking Review page. Now let’s get into this trail review!

Location Information

Park Superintendent
1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road
Morrilton, AR. 72110
GPS: 35.114265632578 -92.94544100761

7 Hollows, Petit Jean, Arkansas, hiking

7 Hollows Trailhead

The 7 Hollows Trail is one of many trails that Petit Jean Mountain has to offer for hiking. This is a really good loop trail that has several places to stop and relax. This loop racks up 4 miles of hiking and is a really nice trail. You can easily make this a leisurely hike and have a nice 2.5 to 3-hour hike. I took a couple of breaks and completed the 7 Hollows trail in under 2 hours.

7 Hollows Trail, Petit Jean, state park, hiking, biking, camping, swimming, fishing, Mather Lodge, Arkansas

My All Trails data from the 7 Hollows hike

It’s worth noting that I didn’t visit the grotto section of the trail, which would add some great exploring time and a little extra distance. Along with skipping the grotto I only made two stops on my hike. I was really trying to complete it as quickly as I could to get a 4-mile hike in the books.

7 Hollows, Petit Jean, Arkansas, hiking

Rock formations are great on this trail

While this was my first time on the 7 Hollows Trail I can say that it was a great little loop that I highly recommend for families. There are a lot of places you can stop and rest along the trail, so you can tackle this with first-time hikers. Also, there are great views that will keep the kids interested. While it’s not as playful if that’s even a way to describe a trail, as Bear Cave it’s still a great hike.

The blue blazes are all over the trail and easy enough to follow. There is one section near the grotto inlet that can be a little tricky, but just keep your eyes peeled and you should be fine. The 7 Hollows Trail also connects with the Boy Scout Trail on the east side of the trail, so you will have a section that has blue and white blazes. While I took a wrong turn when hiking the BSA you probably won’t have any problems staying on the 7 Hollows.

7 Hollows, Petit Jean, Arkansas, hiking

There are some really great places to stop and rest

The last thing I want to say about this loop is that I plan to hike it again. I want to try to make two laps on the 7 Hollows Trail to take it to an 8-mile hike. I will probably do this on one day, camp at Petit Jean State Park, and then hike the 12-mile version of the BSA the next day. Granted I might do those hikes in reverse order, but making multiple loops on the 7 Hollows Trail would be a wonderful hike in my opinion.