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All About Arkansas

Ok, so there can be a lot to say about the state you live in. My family and I live in Arkansas and that’s where we have most of our adventures. There are a lot of really neat places to visit in Arkansas and we hope to showcase some of those here. If you’re looking …

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A Quick Word About Reviews

Most people who know me would say that I’m pretty into gear and tinkering with stuff. Sometimes I do reviews of things that I’ve purchased. I do this so that I have an account of the pros & cons of things I use. I don’t know that it’s helpful for other people, but I think …

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Welcome to

Thanks for coming by. I’m a technology guy and I created this site to mainly focus on outdoor life and gear reviews. My goal is to update the site weekly, but hey life happens and consistency can fluctuate from time to time. When it comes to outdoor adventures I’m going to be posting most things in and around …

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